Thursday, February 10, 2011


I walk this crowded halls but still feel alone,
I'm an angel with broken wings.
Why do they all look away, do any of them care?
Like a shattered piece of glass in a house of mirrors
I feel like i dont belong in this world
I'm not good enough for this life
Is this the way He intended it?
I don't know if i can take this much longer

But then there's a voice from down the hall.
The end is dark, i can see a blurred outline of what looks like a woman.
A beautiful figure with a enchanting tone
She whispers my name, and it pulls me close
Then, a door, an escape from this dark cold world
She takes my hand and we begin to fly
Away from the sorrows of this everyday life, and into the land of perfect happiness and bliss
She saves me, healing my broken wings
I dont feel broken

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