Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Out!

I'm sick of the yelling and screaming
Im tired of hearing all the complaining that im not good enough
I know I'm not the perfect child, why cant you just accept me for who i am?
I hate my life right now, there's only one good thing in my life
Everything else is turning to shit! Complete utter shit!
I dont want to live this life anymore
I need to reboot, i need to start over from square one and undo the mistakes i've made
Too many to count and too many to repent
I feel like a failure and I dont want to be like this anymore
Inside my soul is crying for a new beginning
I need a escape, a sweet loving escape, she is my escape
My ladder to get out of reality, my heaven above the clouds
She is my dream come true, i only hope she knows and can see that

I need to get out of here

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