Thursday, September 2, 2010

ANOTHER oil spill in the Gulf

yes, yet another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil rig located about 80 mi south of vermillion bay...wherever that is.  the spill was west of the BP spill, but shockingly enough, it wasn't BP's fault.  Some other company, Mariner Energy owned the vessel which exploded with 13 people on board at around 9:30 AM friday morning.

The only thing i have to say is WTF!  we already have enough problems with oil prices, and all there gonna keep doing is rasing the already outrageous prices.  its pathetic how ignorant these people are and cant keep their sh*t together.  Pretty soon we're gonna have our own Dead Sea.

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  1. I really dont think its accidental at all.
    Think about it, for two or three years the oil companies raked in literally BILLIONS of dollars a year. Billions. I can promise you right now they arent. They dont care. Theyre not making more money than god. So, why is it all concerning.


  2. its concerning because their killing all the aquatic life in the gulf, in its just depressing because eventually its going to affect the beaches

    thank you shirou