Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recap of the Apple 2010 Fall Music Event

Ok, so heres the rundown:

The iPod shuffle will pretty much stay the same as the 2nd gen one..the little cube, but with a twist!
The new shuffle will feature the same voiceover and playlists as the 3rd gen shuffle...yay for new stuff!
Heres a pic:
Thank you to for the pictures
The Shuffle will come in 5 colors in one size, 2 GB, and will be sold for the very low (for Apple) price of $49 and will come in 5 exciting colors!  I should totally work for Apple right?

Now on to the Nano...the 6th generation. jesus! i remember when they just released the 1st gen.  im old

Anyway...they basically chopped off the infamous click-wheel and now its just a small.maybe 3" diagonal touchscreen.  Now personally i think this is a huge waste because one, they took away the larger screen and the ability to watch video.  That will make some of Apple's consumers upset im sure.

A pic of the new Nano:
compliments again to Engadget for the pic.
And last but not least in the new line up, the 4th Gen iPod Touch.  They added two, thats right, two camera, one front-facing for FaceTime and the other rear-mounted for HD video and picture.  The new touch will also feature the "retina" display screen.  

Above is the new touch and the a pic of the whole new lineup.

iOS and iTunes:

iOS 4.1 is available today iPod touch and iPhone.  This basically took care of some bugs including bluetooth and other things.  But the more exciting announcement made today, iOS 4.2 This will be released in November and will be available for Touch, iPhone 4 and iPad; and all for free...yay free stuff!!

This update will take care of multi-tasking and will include GameCenter.

Also, iTunes 10 is being released today, for free, which takes care of some "housekeeping" and now has $.99 HD TV shows for rent on all devices.

Once again I would like to thank for providing the pictures.


  1. My girlfriend showed me this earlier. She has this theory that Apple hates rectangles. XD

  2. then explain the iphone and the ipod touch...and the ipad