Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drugs and Driving

Now, i know i already ranted about highway driving before.  But, this just sickens me.  A story about a young man and his wife of 5 years is now dead.  Why? Because he sacrificed his life so that his wife, and unborn baby could stay alive.  A driver under the influence of illegal drugs swerved into oncoming traffic, because she wanted to take off her sweater and had the passenger take the wheel...WTF?  Open a window or something you dumb ass.  They were also not wearing any seatbelts.  How much more stupid can you get.  There should be an award for dumb sh*ts like you.  Three people died because she cant be responsible.  All that happened to her was a fractured pelvis.  The price people pay for someone else's stupidity is shocking to me.  I will never understand why people cant think like an intellectual human-being.


  1. Some people are just plain retarded...

  2. You got the story slightly wrong. His wife and unborn child are alive thanks the the husband's efforts.

    He died a hero, may he rest in piece.

  3. @david, i believed i said that he sacrificed his life for his wife and unborn child